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Your support
is greatly appreciated!

Award Recipient, Charlotte Winters


Kennetha L. Brown Foundation,


I am completely humbled & honored to be chosen as a recipient of such a prestigious award. Words cannot describe what I am experiencing at this moment as know Kennetha personally and this is extremely difficult!  With a heavy heart I am completely overwhelmed & grateful.

I will continually pray for all Lupus Survivors, their families and friends.


To all Lupus Survivors:  Continue to trust, have faith & know that God has everything we need in the palm of his hands.

God will heal you!

God will comfort you!

God will keep you!

God will Strengthen you and provide for you!


Thank you to the Foundation for your support and a personal Thank you to Tina Brown.


God Bless

Deborah M. Bayliss

Dear Kennetha L. Brown Foundation,

Thank you for the donation and the love you all showed me.  You don't know how this financial gift has helped me during this pandemic. 

I love and appreciate this foundation so much!

Sincerely, Sabrina Davis

  • Supporting the Fighters!               

  • Admiring the Survivors!          

  • Honoring the Taken!  

  • And Never Giving up HOPE!
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